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If you find our leaflet helpful you might be interested in our ‘BUILDER’S GUIDE TO EMPLOYING A BUILDER’. It will cost £9.99 but is refunded in full if you later commission any of our services. PUBLICATION DELAYED. Please check back again as coming soon.

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Here at Byron D Hobbs we are very aware that so many people appear to enter into such inappropriate arrangements with inappropriate contractors. So much so that we have written a booklet entitled ‘A BUILDER’S GUIDE TO EMPLOYING A BUILDER’.


Important. This isn’t the usual patronising “experts” guide such as you may find in the press and media – or even the allegedly impartial, but often sanctimonious, opinion of some trade association or local authority. This is rock solid advice learned from years of experience in the industry and centres on five absolutely key messages. Politically correct it may not be; but candid and a little brutal it certainly is.

In addition there are twelve easy to implement tips and strategies designed to help you avoid the pain and misery that can be caused by careless and uncaring (and occasionally it has to be admitted, sometimes ignorant and unscrupulous) contractors/builders and others.

To purchase our guide, it will be  COMING SOON



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